Focus on the sanding machine area. Wherever the sand goes, there is light.





一、The basic value concept system of the company

Company mission:We are committed to providing high quality services to customers

Interpretation:We are committed to producing high quality products for customers with high quality, and providing customer satisfaction, thus winning the trust of customers, leading the continuous development of technology and products in the spirit of innovation, meeting the new needs of the customers and promoting the prosperity and progress of the society.

Vision of the company:Become the most trustworthy leading enterprise of sand light machine

二、Corporate culture

1、Pragmatism: we respect real work, do solid work, do solid work, do not empty talk, and do not exaggerate.

We promote fair rights, fair opportunities, fair rules, coordinate relations, resolve conflicts and rationalize emotions. The staff and their own work should be closely combined with the actual work, do a good job in every link, every step and every work, in order to work hard to seek the actual effect, and actively take the meticulous management work in depth. Each task is done in the best way. Each index is the most cost effective embodiment. Each goal is the shortest way to achieve it. Through continuous improvement and optimization, the management of Chong de will be more pragmatic and efficient, and ultimately achieve the best labor efficiency and maximize the benefits.

2、Innovation: we must continue to innovate in the fields of technology, marketing, management, service and culture.

We encourage and support individual continuous learning, encourage personal innovation, and make employees' inspiration come true. We are in a fully competitive environment where crises are everywhere. We insist on continuous innovation, constantly changing ourselves and surpassing ourselves. We carry out team innovation and carry out various improvement activities continuously.

3、Integrity: we are honest, trustworthy and realistic.

For shareholders, we should disclose the company information truthfully, accurately, completely and timely, and share the same rights with each other, so that each shareholder can enjoy the same treatment. We choose and cooperate with suppliers in an objective, honest and impartial manner. We should treat them with the most sincere and responsible attitude, and make promises that we must fulfill. We respect the same industry, legitimate competition, and promote the common development of the cable industry. Within the company, we must not allow corruption and corruption; it is not allowed to have gangs or small groups in the company; the first condition of our use is the character and ability, not the "relationship".

4、Efficient: improve product and service value with excellent quality and high efficiency, thereby achieving employee value, enterprise value and social value.

Efficiency is not only the impact of speed, but also includes fast and excellent quality assurance. Excellent products and service quality, including the quality of work and quality of life. The production process is meticulous, the pursuit of excellence, work hard to study hard, everyone in their own field of work to do speed and quality of “ expert ” management, the pursuit of excellent performance management concept, enhance the competitive advantage.