2018 Beijing international home exhibition and China Life Festival new woodworking machinery and furniture production equipment3

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2018 Beijing international home exhibition and China Life Festival new woodworking machinery and furniture production equipment3

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On 14-17 June 2018, the 2018 Beijing international home exhibition and the Chinese Life Festival (BIFF) will be held at the new pavilion of the China International Exhibition Center of Shunyi, Beijing. As a new highlight, the new woodworking machinery and furniture production equipment exhibition area will be added to a large number of well-known domestic woodworkers and furniture manufacturers to interpret the latest woodworking intelligence. Can make a solution.
Accurate pulse furniture intelligent manufacturing direction
At present, China's woodworking machinery is developing towards a high quality of automation and information integration, providing customers with a new form of line solution as the core. It is an important standard for its core competitiveness and the transformation of intelligent manufacturing services to woodworkers and furniture. This exhibition will bring together the first line carpenter and furniture equipment brand, focusing on the plate furniture, solid wood furniture and other wood products green intelligence elements, pay attention to the design and display of the whole line plan, and the advanced safety and environmental protection ideas into the exhibition.
Work together to create a summit forum
In the same period, BIFF organizers will invite the Chinese Forestry Machinery Association and other industrial and downstream industry organizations to jointly build a forum on furniture green intelligence and equipment technology development, focusing on the theme of "intelligent manufacturing, safety and environmental protection", and the integration of wood furniture and automatic information technology for manufacturing solutions. "Technology status and trend of wood furniture and products digital chemical plant", "solid wood furniture production technology and layout optimization promotion", "wood furniture and product processing clean production and energy saving" and other issues, with the industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to discuss and exchange, and business furniture industry green intelligence development plan.
Expand the new channel of upstream and downstream cooperation
BIFF relies on the strategic layout of "big layout and big home", and is committed to creating a world-class high-end quality home exhibition. It has a wide range of links and strong sales networks for carpentry and furniture manufacturing enterprises around the world. We have reason to believe that with professional services, BIFF can become a large woodworker and furniture production equipment exhibitor, the interpretation of the latest woodworking intelligent manufacturing solutions new channels, new platforms.
In the future, we will move towards the largest international home Intelligent Manufacturing Expo in the north of China, starting from the 2018 Beijing international home exhibition and China Life Festival.
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